الدكتور محمود أبوزبد يتسلم وسام الوشاح الأكبر للشمس المشرقة من إمبراطور اليابان في نوفمبر 2010
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2010: Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun Award by the Japanese Government.

2009: First – class Republic Award by H.E. President Hosni Mubarak.

2009: "Knight" Recognition Award by the Italian Government.  

2008: Emil M. Mrak International Award, US Davis University, California, USA.

2005: Honorary IWRA Fellow Member for life.

2004: Water Conservation Award and Recognition Certificate awarded by President of Mexico on the occasion of the World Water Day, March 2004.

2003: Canne International Grand Water Prize, Canne 5th International Water Symposium, France.

2003: King Hassan II Great World Water Prize, Japan.

1997: Gold Medal and Recognition Certificate, Egyptian Engineering Society, Cairo, Egypt.

1996: Crawford Reid Memorial Award, The Irrigation Association, Texas, USA, in recognition of his significant achievements in promoting proper irrigation techniques and in fostering major advancements in the industry outside the United States.

1996: Crystal Drop Award for excellence in water-related fields, in recognition of long-term contribution to improving the world’s water situation.

1996: American Society for Irrigation and Drainage Award, USA.

1995: The International Committee of Civil Engineering Award in the Field of Land Reclamation.

1994: FOA Silver Medal in recognition of outstanding efforts in sustainable development of natural resources and agricultural development on the occasion of the World Water Day "Water for Life".

1994: Arid Land Hydraulic Engineering Award, American Society of Civil Engineers, U.S.A. 

1993: FOA Silver Medal, in recognition of efforts and support in the area of biodiversity and ecological conservation. 

1991: Best Paper of the Year Award, International Water Resources Association, Mexico.

1988: Engineer of the Year Award, Egyptian Engineering Syndicate.

1986: President of Egypt Gold Medal Award (First Class), Government of Egypt.

1982: Achievement Award in Water Resources Development, Egyptian Engineering Society.


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